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Why Beijing?

Beijing is the supporting point for national cycling culture, wind vane of national e-bicycle market, and gathering place for domestic and international high-end brands. Who will ignore the Beijing market and its influence?
  Featuring 22 million people, 11 million bicycles and an annual market capacity of 2......More>>

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Beijing's unique advantages

1、 Distributors Convention/ Cycling Club:

How to help distributors out of dilemma? The sponsors, organizers and supporters will organize outstanding distributors to attend the exhibition, meanwhile renowned experts from home and abroad will organize Chinese Electric Marketing Transformation Strategy Forum......More>>

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Sponsored by Beijing Bicycle Industry Association National Light Industry Bicycle Quality... China Battery Industry Association LiB... Organised by Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd. Supported by National Bicycle and E-bicycle Quality... China Bicycle Association Beijing Chamber of Commerce Beijing Cycling Association
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